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05-01-2021 -- Key West Trial Video Upcoming

Key West and the Florida Keys has no television news. Miami covers major stories, but seldom covers local news and events. Coverage generally does not include any video. There is no source for any extensive video news coverage and no central place to post your own videos either. is to be commended for the video stories they post, but they cannot do it alone and they do not record trials or other events of general interest. Non-profits are especially encouraged to post their own video of events here. Uploading link coming shortly.

To provide video news coverage and better educate the public about how the legal system works in Key West, FLkeys1 will shortly begin video recording criminal trials of interest to the public and posting the videos here. There will be a complete video record of the trial, as well as highlight reels. Long trials will be condensed and duplicative testimony will not be posted. DVD's will be produced in HD and made available to the public, with discounts for members of the legal bar.

The previous news service of Blue Planet (GLINN Media Corp.) petitioned to record a couple of differnt courts to record the trial, in one case the state offered the defendant a plea deal (at the hearing on our petition) and in the other case, the court denied the petition because it was filed too close to the trial date. The state made a serious error in offering the plea deal to Micheal Carroll, a convicted sexual predator who worked for the Key West Scrub Club was charged with DWI. The state attorney (Mark Kohl) allowed him to plead to reckless driving. About one month later while driving around in a Scrub Club van, he was arrested for exposing himself to 3 young teenage boys.

Currently we have petitioned a Key West court to record a trial that involves unconstitutional discrimination and false arrest against a person the KWPD perceived as homeless, who is actually a corporate officer of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. The city has yet to discover the police officer filed a false report, committed false arrest and if the case goes to trial, will have committed perjury and may face prosecution. Also the offense charged, was a physical impossibility.

PRODUCTION SERVICES- Blue Planet Offices, Inc. in conjunction with our audio-video rental house at offers economical video recording and production services, featuring full 4K video. Add a second unit or third unit to your production at a reasonable cost.

If you are involved in a Key West criminal trial you believe to be news worthy, please email us the information for consideration.

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